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    Buyers can checkout with a Debit/Credit Card or Apple Pay, Google Pay, Chrome Pay, Microsoft Pay where available.

    1. Dynamic Shipping

    Buyers see an exact shipping cost based on their location and the information you provide in the Width, Height, Length, and Weight fields.

    2. Fixed Shipping

    Buyers see a fixed price you enter.

    3. FREE Shipping

    Shipping Labels

    When you choose Dynamic Shipping a paid shipping label is attached to your order for you. Just pack, print and ship.


    Once an order is shipped, we continue to keep your buyer in the loop with real-time status updates.

    Pre Transit In Transit Out For Delivery Delivered RETURN TO SENDER

    Stupendous Customer Service

    Our Real-time chat is the fastest way to assist buyers.

    Once you receieve a message, we can notify you via email or text. You decide what's best for you.

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    Buyer/Seller Reviews

    Reviews are essential to help build trust and loyalty in the community.

    Flagging Reviews

    Anybody can flag a review if they feel it is fake, misleading or does not comply with our Phamily Rules.

    Equal Opportunity Reviews

    We allow buyers and sellers the opportunity to review each other after each transaction.