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Top 5 Marketplace Features For Vendors

Import Your Etsy Store

1.Easily Switch From Etsy

Quick & Easy Setup. Import your Etsy Shop, it's settings as well as your listings with just a few clicks.

Enjoy more profit when you sell on Phamily Network. We streamlined our marketplace to Beat Etsy's Fees.

2.Interactive Seller Dashboard

The Seller Dashboard shows your orders, shipping statuses, messages, product reports, and more, all in one place.

Have a complete view of your sales and when those funds will be released at all times.

Seller Dashboard

3.Buyer/Seller Reviews

Reviews are essential to help build trust and loyalty in the community.

Product reviews are also important for branding and marketing and helps show buyers what sets your products apart from others.

Buyer/Seller Reviews
Optimized checkout

4.Payment Methods

Let your buyers pay how they want. We added all popular payment methods for a smooth checkout experience.

Buyers can checkout with a Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Chrome Pay, Microsoft Pay where available.

5.Smart Shipping

Choose the best shipping option for you!

Dynamic Shipping

Buyers see an exact shipping cost based on their location and the information you provide in the Width, Height, Length, and Weight fields when adding a listing.

Smart Shipping Options

Fixed Shipping

Buyers see a fixed price you enter when adding a listing.

FREE Shipping

Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels

When you choose Dynamic Shipping for your listing, a fully paid shipping label is attached to your order automatically. Just print and ship!

When not choosing Dynamic Shipping, you'll be responsible for attaching a tracking number to your order.

Automatic Status Updates

Once an order is shipped, our smart shipping system will take over for you. We will keep your buyer in the loop with real-time status updates.

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